Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer 2012 Hairstyles - women

Simple hairstyles worn this season, but fabulous, so no matter how little time you have available to arrange, you could always look bright, using our ideas.
Buns torn, twisted strands, braids loose and rebel tails are all the rage this season and accessorized properly, looks amazing. Forget complicated hairstyles and choose a well established and inventive look, easy, to emphasize your youth.

Here are our favorite sites look:

Jill Stuart in summer tempts us with a simple hairstyle . You just make a path on one side and a clip to fix a strand of hair, so put your face out.

Stella McCartney proposed as a ballerina bun hairstyle ideal for summer. Easy to do and wear, this loop reveals facial features and is ideal when your hair is unwashed or greasy.

Marc Jacobs and it comes with an easy and innovative proposal - tail caught twice. You only need two more clips, possibly in a contrasting color to that of your hair. The first clip you catch up hair in a ponytail, and the second clip ponytail catch the neck, so that between the two clips to form a loop. It's a simple idea and perfect for warm days of spring.

Tracy Reese brings public attention again in retro hairstyles. Initially you have to make a path to one side. Wider portion comes from a section that twists your fingers and fixed with a pin. It is a simple and effective hair is made within 3 minutes, so it is ideal for girls hurried.

The simplest possible summer hair comes from Emilio Pucci and is a ponytail, caught down the neck with a scarf in a strong tone.

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