Monday, April 2, 2012

Maxi Skirts 2012

Fashion Weeks and bloggers bring us the freshest trends, celebrities remain role models, but alive and in the gallery below you will meet both with themselves and with outfits from the podium and those "down" already stores.

Skirts range this year is quite varied and maxi skirts complete an outfit so elegant, and a sport-casual. Although models for Spring-Summer 2012 feel good on every body must carefully choose the model - do not want to prove that you have not left the room wings.

Maxi skirts in bright colors of spring

Neon - bound by the "color block", the yellow color and strong colors, prints kept some talented hands worth of graffiti artists
Blue - the color of summer and is found in many prints inspired by world of Ariel
White - is a must and fits well in various models, from the easy "Gypsy" at the A shaped like a bell or flared rather
Gold - a metallic accent more delicate than that of the accessory
Animal print - is not for everyone or for all events, but can be a really interesting issue

Maxi skirts and surprising materials

Feathers - no kidding
Ply veil - a trend that seems to want to leave us
Lace - care that can reveal too much
Denim - rebounded strongly this year

Maxi skirts and versatile models

Long skirt with peplum - We have established that the model peplum is a trend of the '80s, but who won the catwalk this season
Jeans skirt - if you choose all the top for jeans, make sure to be a shade lighter than the skirt
Ethno-chic skirt - best comes this floral skirt
Short skirt in front and long in back - I did not expect such a return, a little punk for spring-summer season 2012, which is feminine as possible, but not to ignore
Short skirt and maxi transparent veil over - very nice model with dots is the photo gallery below
Skirt with different drapery - The more futuristic model, the better
Long skirt with high waist, but crack sexy.

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