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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shoes with Thick Heels

We know already that this season is wearing medium heels and pointed. It also carries platform and high heels with a few centimeters. All are very in vogue this season heel shoes with thick, preferably rectangular, medium size.

In their case, the platform is missing, the height being offered exclusively measured inch heel. Models are the most diverse, so you'll get a parade of colors and shapes.

Inspiration designers seems to have had origin in the area of ​​dance costumes, as many models are true traditional dancers shoe: around ankle strap and t-bar and top round. Unlike them, however, thick heel shoes this season are much higher.
Other models, such as those proposed by Yves Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs are alleviated another defining trends of the season spring / summer 2012, namely the combination black / gold.

For an appearance effect, I recommend a pair of shoes in this successful duo that will not go unnoticed. At the same time elegant and versatile, you can wear them in almost any situation.

Do not avoid using them during the day with a pair of jeans and a relaxed top. The look of the rest will be balanced outfit and shoes will be the element of surprise. For evening, a simple midi dress with short sleeves, a loose material will be saving solution.
Choose black if you like a classic, and if you love the colors, go orange or fuchsia. Key colors are strong season and will create a contrast effect.

Another juxtaposition happy color that you will encounter often is red, white and black. It is also a classic combination, not necessarily into the season. Shoes with thick rectangular frame in the 3 colors are right on, especially if you are a fan of office held. A tapered jacket and skirt are arched an inspired choice.

If you prefer special pieces in the wardrobe, I recommend a pair of sandals with thick transparent frame. Transparent shoe is also a favorite season, so you'll reconcile two trends at once.

Rectangular frame is most suitable for transparent reason, probably the only one that gives you look chic and not vulgar. Wear pleated skirts and dresses midi or body of the same length.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Anne Hathaway hair 2012

Hollywood celebrities are known for dramatic changes when it comes to shock, but Anne Hathaway did it. This simply is a dedicated actress who wants to be closer to the character to interpret it.

Beautiful brunette actress, Anne Hathaway, is - or rather was, known for his long and glossy hair. After several months of the last pictures of her in ads or on the red carpet, Anne amazes us with a major change.

As you can see in the picture below, Anne uses a boys' cut and all the scenes in "Les Miserables". The picture below was taken while Anne apparently leaving a club in England.

As Anne is quick to cover the dramatic change, we deduce that this is still not used to the new haircut and has some insecurity. It should.

For her role in "Les Miserables" co-starring with Amanda Seyfried, Hugh Jackman and Helena Bonham Carter, Anne wants to better the role of working in a factory.

What surprises you waiting for this movie? Anna needs to loosen and warm up their vocal cords.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Makeup for skin with freckles

Makeup skin with freckles takes particular definitions, depending on cultural background of each of us. I personally think that the presence of freckles amplifies the importance of basic knowledge in color, when we decide to put the value in skin pigmentation or conversely, to disguise them with makeup.

I linger over this because of the universal characteristics of women who have a skin with freckles. Most often, they can be included in a pattern - light skin, blond or red hair.

Rarely, hair color can be closed, but even in these cases, the contrast between skin and hair requires certain rules in makeup.

Therefore, when we seek to reach a beauty makeup for skin with freckles, to give an overwhelming relationship between hair color and the color of the skin and eyes.

For a brief introduction to the topic, read the article "Colors in makeup - choose what is right", in which I explain at length that complements shades in the color of the iris, hair and skin subtonurilor.

Freckles - general and special
Freckles or small spots efelidele are re ¬ Culo irregular yellow-brown, especially those individuals with blond or red hair, which is increasing in spring and summer when exposed to sunlight.

Freckles appear around the age of five years, is r─âresc to age 40 years and almost disappear in old age.

Locate the cheekbones, forehead, nose and shoulder areas that have direct contact with the sun and although they may be dim specialized procedures performed in professional beauty salons, will never completely disappear.

Makeup for skin with freckles
Skin with freckles has its own charm and sex appeal synonymous with the simplicity of a fresh look, young and roguish. Most makeup artists agree with this and are against trying to hide under a (mandatory) layer of highly pigmented foundation and compact powder in two.

For a natural look, I recommend you start applying a makeup primer color, the pigment that neutralizes subtonurile skin pigmentation that if the skin with freckles, giving your look uniform as possible. Primerele I recommend Make Up For Ever HD color-correcting shades Pink or Mauve or Glow by Dr. Brandt, serum / washer skin.

In terms of foundation, you choose the light fades the pigmented areas, leaving freckles to see natural under makeup. I recommend a liquid foundation, and MAC Face & Body, COUPLINGS Liquid Face & Body Lift times or season of the show Spring / Summer 2012, cleverly called readaptatele coloring creams - BB creams.

To hide your freckles, use a correction fluid to cover each individual pigmented area. Several recommendations can be found in our article on this subject - "corrective and camouflage palette - look for imperfections."

Remember that shade foundation and concealer should be the same color skin, no freckles, then carefully matches do not be influenced by pigmentation spots!

You'll notice later that you prefer a creamy blush that will be lost in the fund is moisturizing skin texture. If you and your skin and light hair, a peach tone blush or bronzer effect will compliment your look. Avoid shades of pink, however, especially if you have red hair.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sandals 2012 women

If yesterday you wore high boots and thick trench, tomorrow you can go home in sandals and clothes to wear over a simple summer jacket.

Because you already take out the summer wardrobe forward, I have prepared a selection of sandals with heels or heel, you can find in local stores. Before you leave to pick each piece in hand, I suggest a review of trends in the sandal season spring / summer 2012.

This year as in past seasons, sandals offer is extremely rich. Models low, flat, will always be present at the forefront of trends. The strap around the ankle, with more bars, more simple or applied, plain or colored, they are essential in every woman.

Rely on color and acquires a metallic gold or silver sandals, you'll easily be able to match almost any color you want.

High-heeled sandals are coveted season, we look charming with lots of extra inches brought the figure. Wear the medium heels, platform, and the type wedges.

If you want to be in vogue, choose a simple pair of sandals in two vibrant colors, with heels and without a platform. The bars fine, simple, are not only very popular, but very elegant. Wear this model but only if you have a thin foot, which allows such a cleavage.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Medium hairstyles for thick hair

Dry hair looks and feels much thicker than the hair wet, so moisture can imitate all help. Special hair conditioners, hair gels, moisturizing products, shampoos for damaged hair can all help hair look thicker. Our advice is to not abuse these products.

A new haircut can make your hair look thinner. Types of hairstyles that take hair texture can also give the impression of a thin hair. Ask your stylist what hairstyle fits the best your hair.

Long hairstyles thick hair 2012

We love the rich hair with volume, able to steal any of. But when we do our hair becomes thick rebellious, unruly?

Some styles do not like this type of hair, especially because of his behavior. There are many voices who argue that the only way to solve this problem is thinning hair.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Summer 2012 Hairstyles - women

Simple hairstyles worn this season, but fabulous, so no matter how little time you have available to arrange, you could always look bright, using our ideas.
Buns torn, twisted strands, braids loose and rebel tails are all the rage this season and accessorized properly, looks amazing. Forget complicated hairstyles and choose a well established and inventive look, easy, to emphasize your youth.

Here are our favorite sites look:

Jill Stuart in summer tempts us with a simple hairstyle . You just make a path on one side and a clip to fix a strand of hair, so put your face out.

Stella McCartney proposed as a ballerina bun hairstyle ideal for summer. Easy to do and wear, this loop reveals facial features and is ideal when your hair is unwashed or greasy.

Marc Jacobs and it comes with an easy and innovative proposal - tail caught twice. You only need two more clips, possibly in a contrasting color to that of your hair. The first clip you catch up hair in a ponytail, and the second clip ponytail catch the neck, so that between the two clips to form a loop. It's a simple idea and perfect for warm days of spring.

Tracy Reese brings public attention again in retro hairstyles. Initially you have to make a path to one side. Wider portion comes from a section that twists your fingers and fixed with a pin. It is a simple and effective hair is made within 3 minutes, so it is ideal for girls hurried.

The simplest possible summer hair comes from Emilio Pucci and is a ponytail, caught down the neck with a scarf in a strong tone.

Jessica Alba new style 2012

Jessica came out yesterday in the park with her ​​two daughters and her husband Cash Warren. The actress wore a white denim jacket, white shirt, a scarf with printed blue and blue jeans.

When he gave the jacket down, all eyes were on her left arm, where appeared overnight a huge tattoo of a rose.

Before you panic, Us Weekly magazine announced that star tattoo 30 years is only temporary as the actress made ​​for her new movie, "ACOD".

Although we were glad to know that floral tattoo is not permanent, Jessica is in reality two permanent tattoos. The first is the word "Padma" (which means "lotus" in Sanskrit) on the right wrist and a bow in the lower back.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wearable fashion trends spring summer 2012

1. Monochromatic colored dresses

Last year, there was bold color combinations countries in spring wear the clothes that are monochromatic. Stores have already filled orange dress, turquoise, red, yellow or purple. You can choose at will :)

2. Silver shoes

Fashionistele have started to wear, and designers recommend them highly. Giambattista Valli, Marc Jacobs, Nine West, Karl Lagerfeld, Brian Atwood shoes you suggest metal for the new season in their new collections. And the good news is that going to any time held, whether you choose elegant black dress or a pair of jeans.

Summer Nails 2012 Trends

The focus of season spring / summer 2012 is on spectacular nails. After the frenzy of neon shades and colors that throne in bizarre fashion shows and beauty ranges launched in 2011, will delight us with proposals feminine, charming nail designs.

Look carefully and you will find presentations Fashion Week shoes not high and cocktail dresses for capture your eye, but the incredible attention to detail manifested in nails made for runway models.

Nail trends in spring / summer 2012 is suitable for both aficionados nail designs with geometric design, unique, and the bearers of neutral shades, sprinkled with delicate details and impact.

Course, are always present and classic shades of red, coral, pastels, as well as the popular gradient or metal nail designs.

Enter the most flattering manicure season so far and let yourself be inspired by the most remarkable trends in nails:

Nail varnish colors - trendy spring / summer 2012
Year begins, as always, the challenge colors from Pantone for fashion and beauty world of good. In 2012, the color of Tangerine Tango is a sophisticated red-orange and full of energy, reminiscent of an exotic cocktail.

Due to its versatility, Tangerine Tango beat even shades of mint in makeup trends spring / summer 2012, behaving perfectly on the lips and cheeks, and the nails. Moreover, for launching of collections after years of rest (for Laura Mercier) and joined the cosmetics world, in the same warm tone of orange.

Besides the series "A Clockwork Orange" season spring / summer 2012 we expect to encounter shades of red, lilac, peach, mint, blue and pink of a comeback.

New neutral and painting nails
Despite expectations, new colors were neutral revelation spring / summer 2012. Shades of gray, white, pink and creamy beiges contrasted with eccentric accessories and prints selected for the catwalks.

They require but a rule that you can not turn - perfection is key. Take a long ladylike, vintage manicure own, making the transition from the rectangular shape of the nail at the oval.

Given that there is no standard for that perfect oval, turning to experts and get the trick right for you pilind roundness "mirror" after form cuticles.

Sport-geometric models nail in novel
Ruffian on the presentation is hard to understand how this trend has gained momentum earlier. Patterns in bright colors, geometry taken at nail art and designs have captured sensational podium and gave an extraordinary vitality.

Models of metal nails
Numerous combinations of metallic colors have rocked the Fashion Week runways. Crackle nail polish black / metallic silver moonlight manicure / black geometric patterns and French manicure with nail tip is immersed in glowing particles just a few of the models tested and approved to be feeling spring / summer 2012.

Models of metal nails
Numerous combinations of metallic colors have rocked the Fashion Week runways. Crackle nail polish black / metallic silver moonlight manicure / black geometric patterns and French manicure with nail tip is immersed in glowing particles just a few of the models tested and approved to be feeling spring / summer 2012.

Maxi Skirts 2012

Fashion Weeks and bloggers bring us the freshest trends, celebrities remain role models, but alive and in the gallery below you will meet both with themselves and with outfits from the podium and those "down" already stores.

Skirts range this year is quite varied and maxi skirts complete an outfit so elegant, and a sport-casual. Although models for Spring-Summer 2012 feel good on every body must carefully choose the model - do not want to prove that you have not left the room wings.

Maxi skirts in bright colors of spring

Neon - bound by the "color block", the yellow color and strong colors, prints kept some talented hands worth of graffiti artists
Blue - the color of summer and is found in many prints inspired by world of Ariel
White - is a must and fits well in various models, from the easy "Gypsy" at the A shaped like a bell or flared rather
Gold - a metallic accent more delicate than that of the accessory
Animal print - is not for everyone or for all events, but can be a really interesting issue

Maxi skirts and surprising materials

Feathers - no kidding
Ply veil - a trend that seems to want to leave us
Lace - care that can reveal too much
Denim - rebounded strongly this year

Maxi skirts and versatile models

Long skirt with peplum - We have established that the model peplum is a trend of the '80s, but who won the catwalk this season
Jeans skirt - if you choose all the top for jeans, make sure to be a shade lighter than the skirt
Ethno-chic skirt - best comes this floral skirt
Short skirt in front and long in back - I did not expect such a return, a little punk for spring-summer season 2012, which is feminine as possible, but not to ignore
Short skirt and maxi transparent veil over - very nice model with dots is the photo gallery below
Skirt with different drapery - The more futuristic model, the better
Long skirt with high waist, but crack sexy.

Bridesmaid dresses 2018

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