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Makeup for skin with freckles

Makeup skin with freckles takes particular definitions, depending on cultural background of each of us. I personally think that the presence of freckles amplifies the importance of basic knowledge in color, when we decide to put the value in skin pigmentation or conversely, to disguise them with makeup.

I linger over this because of the universal characteristics of women who have a skin with freckles. Most often, they can be included in a pattern - light skin, blond or red hair.

Rarely, hair color can be closed, but even in these cases, the contrast between skin and hair requires certain rules in makeup.

Therefore, when we seek to reach a beauty makeup for skin with freckles, to give an overwhelming relationship between hair color and the color of the skin and eyes.

For a brief introduction to the topic, read the article "Colors in makeup - choose what is right", in which I explain at length that complements shades in the color of the iris, hair and skin subtonurilor.

Freckles - general and special
Freckles or small spots efelidele are re ¬ Culo irregular yellow-brown, especially those individuals with blond or red hair, which is increasing in spring and summer when exposed to sunlight.

Freckles appear around the age of five years, is r─âresc to age 40 years and almost disappear in old age.

Locate the cheekbones, forehead, nose and shoulder areas that have direct contact with the sun and although they may be dim specialized procedures performed in professional beauty salons, will never completely disappear.

Makeup for skin with freckles
Skin with freckles has its own charm and sex appeal synonymous with the simplicity of a fresh look, young and roguish. Most makeup artists agree with this and are against trying to hide under a (mandatory) layer of highly pigmented foundation and compact powder in two.

For a natural look, I recommend you start applying a makeup primer color, the pigment that neutralizes subtonurile skin pigmentation that if the skin with freckles, giving your look uniform as possible. Primerele I recommend Make Up For Ever HD color-correcting shades Pink or Mauve or Glow by Dr. Brandt, serum / washer skin.

In terms of foundation, you choose the light fades the pigmented areas, leaving freckles to see natural under makeup. I recommend a liquid foundation, and MAC Face & Body, COUPLINGS Liquid Face & Body Lift times or season of the show Spring / Summer 2012, cleverly called readaptatele coloring creams - BB creams.

To hide your freckles, use a correction fluid to cover each individual pigmented area. Several recommendations can be found in our article on this subject - "corrective and camouflage palette - look for imperfections."

Remember that shade foundation and concealer should be the same color skin, no freckles, then carefully matches do not be influenced by pigmentation spots!

You'll notice later that you prefer a creamy blush that will be lost in the fund is moisturizing skin texture. If you and your skin and light hair, a peach tone blush or bronzer effect will compliment your look. Avoid shades of pink, however, especially if you have red hair.

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