Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Organize and Store Your Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl's best friend,no wonder then that keeping your jewelries in their best shape is essential. Besides organizing them you'll be able to pay special attention to maintaining their best quality. The following guidelines aim to give you an idea of offering the best treatments to your stylish accessories. Jewelries are basic means to dress up your image.

There's not enough to purchase and then wear them, to keep them in their initial condition there bust be taken some preventions. The proper storing is just as important since this is the only step to enjoy the beauty of these pieces for a longer time.Avoid causing damages to your silver, gold or other accessories by depriving them from the ideal care. Learn more about the tips on how to organize and store you jewelry. Gather all the pieces to one place. This way you'll be able to select the crucial and less wearable ones.

 Separating the different jewelries of different materials is important to offer each piece the proper care. Start with the basic grouping, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other types in distinct piles. This step is vital to help you wear jewelry properly and choose the different pieces creatively. We must also specify, that before organizing jewelry it would be ideal to have them cleansed. Since as in the case of other things, the contaminated pieces can spoil the clean ones.

 The best way ti to learn how to eliminate the dirt and residues from the particular materials as metal, wood or others. Then start categorizing and organizing them. Jewelry boxes are pretty useful inventions since these can protect the jewelry from damage and other external influences. It is worth knowing that each material has to be stored withing special conditions. Did you know that silver jewelries when placed and kept on wooden surface can damage to an extreme level? Utilize these boxes since this is the best way to organize your treasure. If it's necessary have more, don't pile up your accessories into one single box.

 The pushing and the rubbing can also deteriorate the quality of these. Purchase or create some stylish cases that reflect your style and complete the look of your room. Make sure that all of these have a fabric as the inner lining since this will prevent the earring and necklaces from scratching. The next grouping would be a more complex one, before you would put the jewelries into one place devote a few minutes to separate them according to their value. Put the accessories that you wear most frequently in the same box, since this should be always at hand when you wish to boost your look.

Then go on with the more expensive and sophisticated pieces that you sport for formal occasions. These should be stored in a different case, that would be dealt with more rarely. Follow a well-defined order when packing the jewelry case. Start with the necklaces, especially if there's no special place devoted to these, secure a special spot for them since these would be the largest pieces. Don't ever lay them randomly, keep them sleek and smooth, to avoid tangling. If you would rather go for hooks you can have them even on your wall. The sleek position will further lengthen the life of these jewelries.

 You can keep the earrings and rings in the same place, if there's enough space for all these pieces. It is vital that you don't cram them into the box. This is the means to prevent deterioration or any other unpleasant accidents. Professionals claim that these are very sensitive pieces that can scratch so it is recommended to have a transparent jewelry case to find the rings and earrings easier.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mango 'The Perfect Guest' Catalogue

Do you have a wedding, a special date or event coming up? If you're looking for some seriously stylish and chic goodies, check out the latest Mango 'The Perfect Guest' catalogue featuring the perfect stunners for you to make a fabulous entrance regardless the event you have to attend. Have a nosey and inspire yourself with garments that will make you feel unique! Whether you're the girly type or searching for super-elegant and sophisticated pieces, Mango has you covered. You can go for the ethereal princess look choosing a fantasy dress with lace in a pastel pink tone.

Ah, we just love the combination between lace and paste tones. It is both classy and gracious and guarantees to boost the sartorial wow-factor. This season dare to stand out from the crowd and try attention-getting ensembles. For a special occasion, combine printed pants with transparent flowy blouses. Unique and cool, this is one of those combos that oozes a special je ne sais quoi and outrageously-chic flare. If you're into statement-making patterns, choose your favorite paisley print and you're sure to draw all the attention. Okay, so we're totally into vintage style! Sophisticated and elegant, a fresh 20's style will give your overall appearance a one-of-a-kind nostalgic air. Dark hair color :

Mango's 'The Perfect Guest' catalogue summer 2013 also includes some delicate retro-inspired items suitable for fashionistas who are not afraid to pull off never-seen-before outfits. Check out the Spanish brand's latest collection and pick your favs! We can always count on Mango when it comes to wearable, fashion-forward and pocket-friendly pieces. If you want to play around with your styling and make an impression with your looks, the famous label's offer is a must-see. Need any accessories? Simple ones in gold are a safe bet. Classy high heels work! In order to complete your dreamy look, choose your favorite platform peep-toes. Take a peek at these aww-inducing pieces and give a mega-boost to your wardrobe!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nina Ricci Resort 2014 Collection

The Nina Ricci resort 2014 collection was defined by powerful feminine accents. If there were any doubts on the matter, designer Peter Copping definitely dispelled them when he shared the defining vision for the new line:“She’s a Parisian headed south. She’s fed up with the bad weather and craving summer clothes and sun.” The yearning for a glamorous sunny escape definitely explains the fabulous color palette chosen. Bright accents, soothing pastels and neutral tones coexist in perfect harmony in the designer's newest line. Aside from the upbeat tone of the new Nina Ricci collection for resort 2014, one of the most interesting things about the new line is the effortless chic allure most outfits seem defined by.

The new looks are obviously carefully put together, yet the initial impression can definitely persuade the viewer that such outfits were a spur of the moment thing. The multitude of flirty dresses included in the new line definitely helped shape that perspective. Rather than going for body hugging pieces, the label chose breezy lace dresses, modern unstructured silhouettes and roSimple, yet definitely not simplistic, the outfits from the new Nina Ricci resort 2014 line brought interesting textural and chromatic contrasts, unexpected proportions and a refreshing set of accessories that proved that the art of creating the perfect outfit can be mastered with just a little imagination.

Bold toned patent pumps, playful woven details, colorful long necklaces, cute sunglasses or luxurious handbags might not seem like innovative choices when analyzed separately, but their positive effect is extremely significant when we look at the new outfits as a whole.mantic motifs like ruffles and floral prints. Though the concept behind the new Nina Ricci resort 2014 collection calls for laid back options, the designer didn't resist the temptation to include a few elegant pieces into the new line. The simple yet modern floor sweeping evening gowns being perhaps one of the most accurate examples from the latest Nina Ricci line.

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