Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nina Ricci Resort 2014 Collection

The Nina Ricci resort 2014 collection was defined by powerful feminine accents. If there were any doubts on the matter, designer Peter Copping definitely dispelled them when he shared the defining vision for the new line:“She’s a Parisian headed south. She’s fed up with the bad weather and craving summer clothes and sun.” The yearning for a glamorous sunny escape definitely explains the fabulous color palette chosen. Bright accents, soothing pastels and neutral tones coexist in perfect harmony in the designer's newest line. Aside from the upbeat tone of the new Nina Ricci collection for resort 2014, one of the most interesting things about the new line is the effortless chic allure most outfits seem defined by.

The new looks are obviously carefully put together, yet the initial impression can definitely persuade the viewer that such outfits were a spur of the moment thing. The multitude of flirty dresses included in the new line definitely helped shape that perspective. Rather than going for body hugging pieces, the label chose breezy lace dresses, modern unstructured silhouettes and roSimple, yet definitely not simplistic, the outfits from the new Nina Ricci resort 2014 line brought interesting textural and chromatic contrasts, unexpected proportions and a refreshing set of accessories that proved that the art of creating the perfect outfit can be mastered with just a little imagination.

Bold toned patent pumps, playful woven details, colorful long necklaces, cute sunglasses or luxurious handbags might not seem like innovative choices when analyzed separately, but their positive effect is extremely significant when we look at the new outfits as a whole.mantic motifs like ruffles and floral prints. Though the concept behind the new Nina Ricci resort 2014 collection calls for laid back options, the designer didn't resist the temptation to include a few elegant pieces into the new line. The simple yet modern floor sweeping evening gowns being perhaps one of the most accurate examples from the latest Nina Ricci line.

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