Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trench Coats for Fall 2012

Paris Fashion Week brought a lot trench's "printed" on the goals of fashion photographers, and this means that for a chic spring without cold, trench coats Women's or are a "must".

Short, medium, down, colored, nude, classic belt designs futuristic trench sites for the new season are absolutely adorable. From Burberry at Assos, all fashionistele have a choice, and the gallery below you'll find even with your favorite stars wearing this piece of clothing.

Just as everyone keeps reinventing celebrities, seems to be chameleon coat your wardrobe. The actors in the movie "Casablanca", the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, all adopted Coats and have customized. It's official, the trench is a "must have" universal.

The coat is one of the only elements that adapt and evolve seamlessly with trends in each year since its creation in 1901 by Thomas Burberry. Originally a utilitarian piece of clothing, now it has evolved at a different stage "enhancement".

Trench is one of the most versatile items of clothing this season, because you can wear it open, closed the buttons up top, tied with cord or a belt arranged. What could be more chic?

If those of Burberry, with a little more classical structure, not for you, I advise you to opt for a retro-female model as the Prada Spring-Summer 2012 season.

Trench sites are perfect for picky travelers and spring weather and the new season just because you have a choice: be wearing nude colors, classic, but also as a rainbow, the floral or geometric - dots, those with inserts of leather or colored accents, but do not forget those metallic colors - gold.

Tips for shopping trench

If you ask me for the next session Trech purchasing a colorful shopping: fresh green, Mediterranean blue and tangerine tango (red-orange).
If you avoid high than long coats, which ends after the knee. Make you look more "petite".
If you have a large bust, avoid trench sites where two sets of buttons or with wide lapels.
If you are older than 30 years but you want to wear a colorful trench, the rest of your outfit must be nude, pastel or a non-color that classic elegant look.
A trench that is worth the investment for the long term, not your wallet censorship.
If you want a model trench which will certainly turn heads: opt for the midi nude leather.
Then if you want a female model, the trend, opting for a trench patterned peplum.

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