Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jeans trends 2012 - women

Each season, jeans are "best friend" for stylish women. When you have a good day too and when you feel energetic and want to go out or shopping, they seem to say conforabil chic, and the hand goes straight to her closet. For warm season of a wide variety of jeans, from one female, something other sport models.

For spring-summer 2012 season jeans come in all shapes and colors. Trends for next season are quite varied, from strong colors like red, others dusty pastels like pink, white or nude. Some are evasive, other pairs will to embrace your slender legs, but the most important trend is ending above the ankle.

Jeans as denim pants are called, are of special traditional outfits modern, something like a skirt - pillar females. In summer 2012 we will see a return of sarafan of jeans, a vintage jackets, but especially with high waist shorts, wearing a colored bra.

70s have successfully introduced young women jeans in your wardrobe, and now they can even be an elegant piece of clothing depends on what you wear, but obligatory rolled up and match with a pair of high heel shoes.

Colored jeans - jeans in various colors strong prevailing in this season, especially models "skinny". If you have not such a pair and feel I need a shopping sessions I advise you to take some red or orange.
Torn jeans - torn jeans have never disappeared, but in recent years where the women were wearing "rebellious" in summer 2012 are the trends. Attention, Desire is not necessarily broken, but you can leave the creator in you to play with a pair of old jeans.

Pastel jeans - For those who do not believe that it is colored jeans, but are tired of the old pale blue, the creators offer this season and a bare dusty pink foam. However, says nothing better than a fresh pair of white jeans. Be careful where you sit with them.
Jeans with prints - in contrast, spring-summer season 2012 is one of the trends in contradiction, wearing jeans with prints: from spots like someone has spray paint on those dots, flowers and even plaid.

High waist jeans - I said above that this season is wearing the bustier top, but without leaving belly spot, and this is solved with a retro Prechal jeans with high waist. If you are owner of the famous "wings", you have several months until summer officially comes, so let the room.
Flared jeans - jeans model The official returned, even if his journey in the 70s in modern wardrobe begun last year. Celebrities love this model and it bears a special elegance Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens, and even top models.

Jeans with tour left - they just are not the most elegant and feminine, but left the tour jeans can inspire casual and friendly punk with a pair of shoes you wear bold spiked. The top looks pretty comfortable, but because they are male, and I would wear something more feminine with a top.
Jeans with ankle sight - I left this last trend because I kept saying that the most important. Any model you choose jeans for the list above if they are not tailor to above the ankle, do not forget to turn them two or three times to reach place.

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